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Canandaigua, NY —Local businessman, Brian Mastrosimone, is expanding his real estate business throughout the Finger Lakes to attract and create an experience where people can afford to vacation with their families on some of the most expensive lakes in the world—the Finger Lakes. His business offers lake rentals and concierge type services that includes boat rentals and wine tours. He also plans on opening a farm-to-table craft brewery this summer. This business and its tagline has been trademarked as “Finger Lakin’ Good.” The community has been supportive of Mr. Mastrosimone’s endeavor and choice of slogan, but the massive multi-billion dollar corporation KFC adamantly disputes this venture despite being in two entirely different industries. KFC, with almost 20,000 locations worldwide, opposes both the “Finger Laking Good” and “Finger Lakin’ Good” taglines for a small business located in Canandaigua, NY (population 10,500) assuming it will impact their image and therefore their billions in annual revenue.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have already approved the “Finger Lakin’ Good” and “Finger Laking Good” slogans for Ms. Mastrosimone to use immediately. In response, KFC filed an opposition against both of the slogans’ trademark applications claiming that this is an infringement on their brand name.  Further, Mr. Mastrosimone states that the taglines have two completely different meanings. KFC’s slogan indicates that their food is so good that you will lick your fingers as you eat, while Mr. Mastrosimone’s slogan is based on the eleven freshwater lakes that spread out in the Central New York region like fingers providing a wholesome “Finger Laking Good” experience.

The corporate mogul KFC has the discretionary funds to tie up Mr. Mastrosimone’s small, local business undertaking for years if that is their goal. But with the direct support of the community, there is a much better chance that Mr. Mastrosimone can afford to fight this corporate giant.  He is highly motived to invest directly in the Finger Lakes region. Mastrosimone’s small business will generate more reasons residents, tourists, and other small businesses are attracted to the region.

Mr. Mastrosimone’s answer to KFC’s opposition is due on April 16, 2017. Instead of “chickening out”, please help raise money towards the resistance against KFC by purchasing a Finger Lakin’ Good T-Shirt(s). All profits will go towards legal fees associated with this case.



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